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Thexa has made a substantial commitment to its Pharma Business Units & in terms of creating R&D, manufacturing and marketing capabilities for its portfolio. Continual R & D initiatives have strengthened niche and complex product offerings in the Indian and global markets.

This commitment is driven by one of the strongest development focused R&D organizations in the industry, with an emphasis on strategic, innovative development of products that will drive long-term value, and on being the partner of choice for new and existing development collaborations.

We have completely integrated R&D, technology and engineering Capabilities that enable us to be cost-effective partners on a sustainable basis. We have built strong alliances and continuing relationships with top global companies to offer R&D and formulation/ product development services. Thexa professionals work hand-in-hand with Business Development to identify and pursue high-potential pharma products that address unmet market needs. With a growing talent pool supported by strong R&D investment, Thexa has strengthened its ability to license Innovative products at all stages of the development cycle and in a wide range of pharmaceutical areas. Our employees have a wealth of knowledge beyond those areas in which they currently work, allowing teams to easily adapt to specific needs and opportunities as they come.


Thexa involves its partners at every step to formulate a development plan that will elucidate and maximize the benefits of the drug. All functional areas within are well represented, and we maintain strong coordination among the teams throughout the development process.

Our aim is to ensure that the development process is as effective and Efficient as possible.