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Beginning with the establishment of the first facility at Kolukulapally, Mahaboobnagar District of Telangana state, with GMP norms suitable for obtaining all other certifications. The facility is backed by excellent professional expertise in R & D, well-defined manufacturing processes and visionary leadership.A world class production unit with 5 independent modules for the manufacture of ready to fill pellets is under construction.

Unit processes for milling, sieving, blending, micronizing and packing area are well in place. Manufacturing in accordance with GMP regulations with all required certifications Pilot Plants Process, Development labs, In - Process QC labs and dedicated product processing areas are common features across our plant. Equipment in Production and QC is ultramodern and these departments are headed by experienced, highly qualified technical personnel. As part of the pre-approval processes, these facilities have been inspected and approved by large end users, customers, who are rated amongst the largest companies in India.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring adherence to Thexa Pharma’s quality standards is the responsibility of its dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) team. The team(s) charter includes enforcing a standardized common quality system across the organization to ensure consistency, effectiveness and efficiency during the manufacture of products.

QA focuses on

  • Establishing quality standards – Preparing Documentation
  • Ensuring Quality by Design –Preparing SOP’s/checks & Controls to implement.
  • Developing processes to maintain standards in co-ordination with R&D
  • Monitoring to ensure compliance (Internal Audits/ External Audits)
  • Implementation of Upgraded technology. Evaluation of advantages.
  • Training personnel on quality aspects periodically.
  • Packaging control.

Contract Manufacturing:

Thexa Pharma undertakes contract manufacturing of API, Pellets offering a competitive advantage to its clients especially in late stage lifecycle of products.

The Contract Manufacturing Division is set up to address the challenges and opportunities created due to increasing R&D costs, low R&D productivity, impending patent expirations and at the same time, pressure to reduce manufacturing costs. Thexa offers Contract manufacturing facilities for other pharma players for low cost manufacturing.



Employees are our biggest assets and their health is of vital importance to us. All our employees are provided with Government announced insurance schemes like Pradhan Mantri Suraksha BimaYojana (PMSBY) and Pradhan MantriJeevanJyotiBimaYojana (PMJJBY).

We follow best practices to maintain our manufacturing plants free of volatile organic compounds, free from dust and odours. All employees undergo periodic medical checkups and while those exposed to chemicals/dust undergo special tests.


We are committed to environmental stewardship across the product lifecycle, from discovery and development, through to manufacturing, marketing, use and ultimately disposal. We are also committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations by reducing the carbon footprint and natural resource demands of our own and our suppliers’ business activities.

Environment is an area in which we believe we have both
 the capability and the responsibility to implement activities that accelerate our business strategy, while delivering wider benefits to society and the environment


Our API and pellet manufacturing site have an emergency preparedness and response management plan with key processes comprise regular safety surveillance, inspections and audits, permit to work system for operational/maintenance safety, fire prevention and protection activities, address EHS initiatives, compliance and various records under statutory requirements, training of employees, interaction with associations of adjacent communities, and observance.