Welcome to THEXA

Welcome to the world of APIs and ready to fill Pellets! Thexa Pharma is an established, professionally managed pharmaceutical company with an extensive intellectual asset base & a powerful research & development division and is a significant player in the Anti-Ulcer APIs like OMEPRAZOLE, ESOMEPRAZOLE and PANTOPRAZOLE under USP/BP, and ready to fill Pellets of various molecules. Thexa has an absolute focus on product quality and customer service that creates & sustains our brand leadership in the markets of our presence. We want to be known as resourceful innovator and as a global player in the competitive markets.

About Us

Thexa Pharma is an integrated pharmaceutical API and Pellet manufacturing company in Hyderabad, India. Thexa has established itself as a strong player in the pharma market, supported by its strong team, powerful research & development division and commitment to deliver better health through superior products.

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Thexa Pharma is committed to deliver better health through its superior products portfolio, which includes a range of anti-ulcer Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Pellets of different molecules.

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Thexa Pharma manufacturing facilities adhere to global Pharma industrial norms of manufacturing standards, personnel & environment monitoring controls and implement end-to-end quality controls with ability to handle continuous and campaign process for both APls and Pellets under one roof.

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